Fish Hut,the best sea food restaurant in Dubai serves you, your friends, the local communities, expatriates and the tourists to Dubai by giving you a good feast with a healthy cuisine which is the combination of fresh fish and sea foods with the green salads with in an awesome atmosphere.Our courteous staff will attend to you with genuine care and humble attentiveness as you eat on our fresh seafood and enjoy our wonderful surroundings inspired by the sea shore. We will prepare our fish in your way or as one of our chef's menu items. We prepare your dishes with the highest and freshest quality ingredients without using any artificial flavours . The ingredients used are a combination of traditional spice mix which is the exclusive specialty of Fish Hut Restaurant in Dubai. We promise that the fish and sea foods in our restaurant are truly world class which is Fresh from Sea to Fish Hut.

The restaurant has a good ambiance and is the perfect place to enjoy the real sea food delicacies and foodies. Fish Hut Restaurant displays a wide range of fresh sea foods. This Sea food Restaurant catches the fresh seasonal King Fish, Sheri,Kofer, Hamour, Sea breams, Tiger Prawns, Shrimp, Crabs, Squid (Calamari) etc. The restaurants is attracted to all sea food lovers with the tasty food with happy valets.

Our restaurant is situated in Oudmeta just five minutes drive from Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa,and just few kilometres from Jumeirah and Dubai International Airport.

Selection of various local fishes is displayed in our chiller for you to select and cooked in perfection as you wish. Grilled, Charchoal, Thava Fry, boiled fish and much more